Saturday, September 27, 2014

Challenge #8 Results : Epiphany

Challenge #8 Participant :
Ric Downing, Christy Campbell, Tonscher 01, Matthew Gardiner, Stephen Holmes

Challenge #8 Results :
This add on story came out great. The few of you that participated this week really ran away with it. Thank you so much for letting your imaginations run wild and take this story to unexpected places. I'm sorry I was not able to be more active in this weeks challenge. I have a lot happening in my personal life right now. In fact, this will be the last weekly challenge for a while. I will have so little time to spend on my computer in the coming weeks; I don't see how I would be able to find the time to continue with these projects. Regrettably, I didn't even have time to write a good ending for this awesome story. They have been a lot of fun, and I hope to continue with them in the future. Until then, I will miss you all, and all of your nonsense. Please enjoy this story as my parting gift. HUGS.



    It was the night of Epiphany, during a bitter and freezing winter in the city of Paris. It is often said that Paris is a happy and beautiful city, where people in love like to walk hand in hand and stare at each other, and, although this description is mildly goopy, it is also mostly true, at least beginning with April and ending in October.
    But in the winter Paris is another place. It is dark and cold and sad and mysterious. The sun has set by four thirty, and the streets are often empty by eight o'clock, with people crowded inside the golden-lit apartments and cafes and restaurants. In the evenings, the gray-violet skies always look as if they are about to snow, and never do.
    I watch the couples laughing and kissing walking out of the cafe. I wonder if that could be me someday. Happy and Proud to be In Love. But in my dream, I dream differently. I dream of traveling alone but never lonely. Sniffing the surrounding chilly night air what delicious smells swirling around tempting me with decadence temptations of fantasy dinning! Hearing laughter spilling out onto the open streets from inside those cozy gatherings. I love the Art! I love the Lights! I LOVE Paris in the night! Most of all the sounds of love coming from young couples running around spreading their infectious happiness for all to witness. 
    I follow some lights down into this magnificent alley. Feelings of delicious excitement wash over me as I witness young lovers kissing and grinding on each other in the shadows of the corner of buildings abound. I see a dark stranger approaching my way. His eyes are hidden from all seeing. As this stranger approaches me he ask, "Can you help me, my car is stuck in the snow, and I got no place to go on this snowy cold night."
    I know it sounds funny to hear this tired old cliché coming from me. But this story I'm about to tell you is so very true. It was about quarter to midnight when we made it back to my cottage, really a townhouse on a shady street. towering shadows whispering from the trees. The laughter and shouting were all gone. Nothing left but me and my new friend. 
    As we approach the front door, I heard my puggies yapping and crawling at the door. "These are my babies." I told my new found stranger, "Cherry Bomb and Coconut Randy are their names and they are damn friendly." 
    He just snicker and began sniffing the air. He looked at me and said "You got RATS!" 
    We are only at the front door! In the distance I heard bells tolling if it had became midnight and the bewitching hours had started.
    I must leave my family and begin work at a wealthy Nobleman's home. There I will work for the women of the home. I'm a seamstress. I create these gorgeous dresses. All have unique patterns and the finest materials. All the tools I need are here and I am happy.
    As I grow up with this family, that is not my own. I am taken to fancy dance parties and meet the wealthy town people. But I do miss my family back home. They understand me and care for me.
    One night after all were in bed I noticed a light on downstairs, so I slipped my robe and slippers on to see what was going on. The Nobleman was crying. I could tell he had a lot to drink by his inappropriate words he spoke to me. I try to leave and he grabs my wrist and begs me not to leave him. 
    As I opened the front door the entrance light glimpses across his face. What I see then were hungry blood thirsty eyes staring back at my puggies!It was too late, my mind began to fade. I got the feeling that I just fell into the Twilight Zone. Was I a woman or a man? Am I to be the pleasure of some manly vamp? 
    Then I said, "It's been over a hundred years since anyone was scared by the big bad wolf!" But now we know the wolves has changed. Tearing and fearing with their mighty BIG fangs!
    To my surprise, he preceded to speak to me, "I am a shape shifter! But, I only play with light! I can become anything that is of light and body! Today a wolf, tomorrow a vamp! Aren't we all just fairies in this made up LAND?" 
    Still a little in shock, I stammered, "I suppose at this point, anything is possible, and that may be true. But even if it is ... You are a fairy with teeth!"
    The Wolf now sleeping in the bed of where the man once laid his head. His wife comes home and is in extreme heat. She reaches around and grabs his meat. The wolf howls loud and licks her down. Then giving her all the pleasure her husband never could. Over and over they go and go 'til the morning time.
    Now back to Paris! The stranger at my door leering into the entrance of my home. Cherry Bomb and Coconut Randy pawing at my pant leggings wanting hugs and kisses too. I bend over to do just that, when this stranger pushed me back! "Step aside!" he declared pulling out a silver locket; popping it open as a ghostly mist raises into the air, bringing fear and bewares!
    Cherry Bomb and Coconut Randy dashed out the door and were in a hurry! I ran after them screaming their names and looking back worryingly. For what did I see, lightning and clouds were forming around this stranger I did not know. A mist started raising and grew brighter and brighter, spinning into a creature maybe even three.
    I was so busy running after my puggies and screaming their names, that I finally realized that I was running in a dream. Down the streets of Paris I ran with my babies wearing matching Louis Vuitton leather collars and looking adorable for all to see. Thankfully I left that stranger at my house. I have to call the police and report this madness; when all of a sudden the streets began stretching longer and longer, I run and I run. This dream is becoming quite maddening.
    Then all then sudden it was all so clear. I have been worried and so scared. I sat down right there and asked for a helper to appear. I waited and waited and got up off the ground. I walked in a near cafe to sit down for some iced tea. The waitress came up to me and said, "Looks like you're feeling sad honey. Dear, what can I help you with? Just tell me everything." 
    I was really wanting to just be alone. I didn't want to share my thoughts with someone I didn't know. But something told me to just let go. The waitress told me she was off in 30 minutes. She asked me if I could wait on her. I didn't really understand what she wanted or why she cared so much. She doesn't know me. So I sit and wait, and now we are off walking. As we walk she is doing most of the talking and asks me lots of questions. I feel a headache coming on from all of this. I tell her, "I should probably go now."
    She asked me just one more thing, "Do you believe in miracles?"
    "She was answering my prayer for help." I said out loud in the road. I was a little shocked. I didn't know what to say.
    She told me, "Everything will be okay, you will get through all this sadness and hurt."
    She took my hand and held it to her heart. All of a sudden she shimmered away. I felt a bit lighter after that and got in my car to head home. 
    While I was driving, my mind's eye began to twitch. My story was changing before my other eyes! How was this possible? How can this be? My mind was expanding beyond my forever soul. What came upon me were colours so brilliant and amazingly bright. My third eye was the only eye really able to see. Swirling in mist and cotton ball stew, my body drifting away into nothing. The freedom I feel no words can describe, floating so lightly on butterfly wings.
    I looked down realizing I had left my body then and there. I saw my car go over a cliff. I am free now. My spirit is going into soothing, radiant light. Pink, yellow, white colors are all around.My body is translucent. I float for awhile, until I am greeted by a being wearing a white robe. He reviews my lifetime with me, and shows me things I have been overlooking. He tells me there is still work to be done, and I must return to my body immediately. That I will survive this accident. Immediately I'm back in my body. I hear sirens and chaos all around. I'm laying on the grass, not understanding how I'm out of my car. But I'm alive and half conscious.     Then I looked down and saw that I broke a nail! DAMN IT! I just got them done! I pulled my dazed body from the wreckage of my mind. The nails would have to be re-spruced. Dammit! My only cohesive thoughts told me that the nearest nail salon was my destination. Sandra's was my usual place, and I had a 25℅ discount card. Dammit, again!! But I couldn't be seen without my armor.
    I heard a howling harpy in the distance, and stumbled in the opposite direction. It was cold out here. I tried to pull my pants up and realized they were gone. Dammit! I grabbed a fern and a rope of ivy, tying them together in a way that kept my dignity and, actually, looked pretty stylish.
    Onward, I half-ran, half-jumped, finding an opening at the base of a tree. I decided to enter. I was known as stupid. I had only half a brain, from birth. I was about to find out how stupid I REALLY was.
    I stepped inside, and immediately the floor dropped. I was sliding towards the next part of my story. Unknown territory. "MATTHEW!" I yelled out. 
    I continued sliding downward. Was that MY name, I heard, just then? My ass was beginning to hurt, badly. The voice of an inner spirit? On the way down, I concluded that my natural garb had been ripped from my lower body. I gave up on any thought of re-covering my self.
    THERE! Again, that voice, calling my name. It was so familiar. I turned onto my stomach so that I was sliding, head-first, downward. Now I had another pain to think about.
    Another voice! Was that, yes! Calling out, "TOAST!... TOAST!!...TOAST!!!" Disregarding the pain, my mouth watered, involuntarily. Those were the words that echoed through my mind as I slid towards whatever was waiting. I was hoping for warmth. A BUMP! ... and I was airborne. I hit a solid something, and could only see; SUNSHINE! Rubbing my eyes, I saw writing scribbles onto a wooden wall.
    It read, "JACKS BACK." Or was it, "JACKS CRACK"?
    I was bound to find the answer. For now, I lay my head back down and bathed in the warmth of the SUN.
    The serenity was short-lived, for there appeared a strange being that, for whatever reason, was crouching in the corner, rocking on its heels. I could make out a number of nonsense phrases among the noises that emanated from it. "CREASN LOL...FUKWAT..." I'd never heard such bullshit in my life, but it was strangely soothing. Until the being jumped up and began to dance.
    To my horror, it was wearing less than me. Only some jewellery and a fez. I looked around for a way out as it launched into a rendition of swinging in the drain.
    Dammit! Damn! Help! The wooden wall parted, revealing another figure which emanated light It held out its hand. SUNSHINE! I got myself up and reached out, trying to avoid the babbling other-creature, now performing an unusual cover of VOGUE.
    Just as I was about to take SUNSHINE'S hand, the other-being began to sing. I could make out these words, "Do you remember how this first began? Teeth were white and our skin was young. Eyes as bright as a Spanish sun. We had nothing we could hide." I looked back at the being, who carried on in this way. I walked back, fearless. I put my hand on its shoulder; it turned.
    "It" was a "He" who uttered, "Now, my dear, we are two golden leaves, clinging desperately to winter trees."
    I was overcome by emotion, as I stepped towards the light. I would remember this encounter for the rest of my days. A last glimpse back. He only showed me a last tear, and then vanished. I wiped my eyes, though my soul ached, and I moved on, weary.
    Until a glimmer, a shimmer, the warm SUNSHINE came upon me. As I walk these streets in Paris I think of a Jay Z song, and sing out loud, "That shit cray. MAYNE, BALL SO HARD (left arm up, right arm up, clap, jump back) MUTHA FUCKAS WANNA FIND ME THAT CRAAAAZY (nods head, spins to face back of stage, head left, head right, jump up) THAT SHIT CRAAAZY! THAT SHIT CRAAAZY! (one leg hop, crouch, rise up slow, shimmy like a shark) THAT SHIT CRAAAZY!(face front, squat, make gun with hands, "shoot" audience, run off stage) Babe can we get married at the Mall. You need to crawl before ball come and meet me in the bathroom stall. That shit cray!"
    The only words that came to me, as I ran off stage was, "PENIS FACE!" I wondered where they were from, and carried on running.
    I exited the theater and knocked the arm of a stranger. she made an offer I couldn't refuse. A bathroom was where we were now headed. I wondered what for, as I held her hand walking fast.
    What I thought was the bathroom was really a dark room. She was hiding from the subway flasher. The Famous Flasher was wearing a brown trench coat with black socks and flip flops. She asked me if we could trade clothes, as this would change his path. I was happy to help. We exchanged clothes.
    With all this confusion and mind dropping acid I started to laugh at my own madness! Oh what a night in Paris this has been. Starting with a stranger down that alley half past ten.
    Beep! Beep! Beep! The dang alarm Is going off. This was a dream? So real, so great, I'm so happy today! All my greatest friends I dreamed of last night. Why there was MATT and Jack and Christy too!
Was Ric there making stew? Where was Jenny? Still missing her O? 
    All of this was sure to be remembered. I got out of bed to start my day and was smiling when I thought back. Great friends, great memories, in dreams and in life I've made. So very thankful and grateful to know all of you. A change in life, a change in mind, we all have lived through The happiness comes from staying with you all and knowing I do have friends who really care for me. To send you all a warm embrace and love from my entire being. Blessed be always my great friends. And, the stranger finished her remarkable story, sipping tequila, through the tears.
    My ass was cold from the tiled bathroom floor and I glanced at my watch. It read half past give-a-shit. Hmmm, I wondered if it was accurate. Before a great hand whacked the side of my face, sending me tumbling to the corner.
    I pressed my hand to my face and felt like crying, as a baby would. Looking up, I saw her mightily pissed off demeanor.
    "You fucker!!" She screamed, "fuck-faced fucker!!!" And leapt for me.
    I rolled under a bathroom stall. Jumped the wall and sprung into action! I grabbed her face and kissed it so hard I sucked on her tongue pulling it into my mouth. It tasted like peppermint gum and tequila with cherries! 
    I was a bit twisted and drunk from the tequila tongue I just swallowed. I look in the mirror. I had marks on my neck, and my ear is bleeding. What has happened to me? All I took was a pill my friend gave me. He told me I would relax and that's it. Little did I know he gave me his mom's pills. I sat in the corner, taking in the scene before me.
    A stranger had burst through the door and rolled under the bathroom stall. I could hear slurping from where I was. I realized that I was witnessing man-on-man action. The mystery female had left not ten minutes before. In that time, the waiter had asked to use the toilet. I wondered if it was his lover who had crashed into the room a moment ago.
    I crept out to look for my mystery girl. Leaving the funny folk in the small toilet.
    Speaking of funny, I had a ton of money on me! What the hell! I must be RICH! SO, off to the bar I did scurry! 
    Finding a bar on the streets of Paris was so easy and breezy, that I decided to call a few friends! While I was dialing my cellular phone, I heard my name being called out from the room!I walk down a hallway with purple velvet wall paper. I hear my name again. I open up one of the doors and the lights are all off. My heart beats quicker. I felt frightened. My name again is said. Now I see I have been tricked. It was a prerecorded cassette tape. The door slammed shut behind me. I couldn't see much of anything. 
    "What the fuck!" I thought. All I wanted was a drink! Now I am trapped behind this door! 
    "CHRISTY! RIC! CREASEBAG!" Came the words, from the mystery voice. Mothers little helper was working wonders.
    "What in sweet Jesus name! Is this THAT MATT!? Back from his abduction from an alien race! He was my friend in so many ways. Funny as hell and bent on sin! He is so clever, and wickedly shrewd. To have been abducted seems very true." Said the blithering fool.
    Gobledegook was his native tongue. I asked for a phrase for back door fun. That is another story I must tell! But a lot has just happened, and I am still locked in this room! Rhyming in time, too fine. He played the fool for many. Not many folk knew this. They'd choke if they knew that his real name was Benny.
    I peered around the room and into the corners. All of the sudden, Matt drops from the ceiling, doing a triple somersault with a reverse back flip right in front of me. He placed his tiny hairy feet, with polished toes, daintily on the floor. My mouth drew open. Without speaking, Matt grabbed my hand tightly and put his finger to my lips! "Now listen to me on this cold Paris night, for what I'm about to tell you will shock you with delight!" 
    My mind was buzzing with all sorts of thoughts. Was THIS Matt? Or an alien clone of Matt? Why are we in this dark, shady room? Why does Matt's breath smells of Jenny O's turkey sausage links? 
    I stared at his red highlighted whiskers and thought he just had them done! I also remembered that Jenny O went missing not long after Matt. Misfits were coming up missing, and I'm trapped in a room, with a look a like clone of Matt Gardiner, who still had no profile to go off of. Riddle me this and Riddle me that. Is this really you, or am I just getting FAT? 
    Speaking of getting FAT! I then realized that I had a roll of cherry Lifesavers in my pocket! As I squeezed my chubby fingers into my tightly closed pocket, I felt a tear in my pants seam. Splitting down my right leg, my meaty thigh bursting with pride. 
    Now I've really done it! How is this dream even possible for me to be having? Locked in a room and wanting a drink. And now a hamburger with double cheese and triple bacon.
    "Haha!" He laughed, "Haha!" He would return to this nonsense; as soon as he'd carried out some wonderfully nefarious schemes. To the Ocean I must go. I am sailing to the Caribbean Sea. There I will scuba dive in search of the lost treasure. 
    All of a sudden the door hissed open and a creature came into the room. Tall and thin, with a bulbous head. It held a long, pointy device in one hand. Matt said, "Dear God. It's probing time."
    Out of nowhere jumps Ric yelling, "Ohhh me next, me next!"
    "Probing TIME!" I declared, "Good LORD! HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING? Matt, you brought an Evil Friend! I wish not for any of this."
    Matt spun around and pushed me into a chair. I shrieked and started to fight, trying to push myself out of the chair!
    "Matt, you dirty dog. You tricked me and sold me out to your alien friends!"
    Then my head started spinning and my eyes flipped back inside my head! I was about to have my DNA extracted from my brain! Matt was not Matt, but a clone of his former self. He could only mimic what Matt was about! 
    I felted betrayed and confused at best! I never thought I would be become AN ALIEN SLAVE! Why, oh why, did this happen!? Is it my beautiful body and my gorgeous blonde hair? Was it because my blue eyes were so fair? Was it because I was on the cover of Alien Beings? 
    Then a voice inside my head spoke to me softly. He said, "YOU. Yes, you there, blondie with blue eyes. I paid a 12 months subscription to Alien Beings just so I could have your posters tacked to my metal wall.
Can you autograph this picture for me? Your a super star on my planet. Don't be frightened. I shall take great care of you. But just so you know, you're coming with us. After we plant your clone on this poor planet! It will act and be just as you are, although no more new ideas with ever pop up inside this clone, as we will have to revisit for downloading and rebooting!"
    Zap! I was out. When I woke up, I was inside a metallic cooled room. There were pictures of me everywhere. I heard a noise outside the room. I would have peeked out the tiny window, but I was strapped to a hard metal table!
    "COOKIE MONSTER!" Came the growled words. "ME COOK KEE FOR YOU YUM YUM YUM!" And out from the ceiling dropped all these COOKIES!
    Then this small voice come from somewhere, "You earthlings love cookies, so we bought some for you. We will make you happy because you're a STAR! You have your first public gathering for autographs and pictures on the Milky Way stage!"

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Phoenix Universe

When the end is nigh
The beginning will be near
A new world begins
Bursting forth from the rubble
Like a phoenix universe

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Challenge #7 Participants :
Glitch Twitch, Patrick B Vince, Ric Downing, Tonscher 01, Niamh Serendipity, Martin Godden, johnny morell, MAGENTA SKY, DANIELLE Charene, Ian H, Tommy Riddles Samson, Chris Reaney, Christy Campbell, North Dugan Douglas, Jimmy Forister, (Jimmy, jacks Forister, ryans), Invisible SuperGirl

Challenge #7 Results : 
This whole challenge turned into one crazy, trippin', awesomalicious party. Plus, through your guys entries, I realized it was DJ CRAZY TRAIN's Birthday this week. So I have decided to honor him, and dedicate this challenge to him. Happy Birthday DJ CRAZY TRAIN! Hope everyone enjoys your party.


This compilation is titled :

Happy Birthday DJ Crazy Train!
I brought my hooka to smoke.
You sure don't have any tobacco?
Do you have any sacred tobacco?
I have a tasty magic blend.
Cherry flavor tobacco, grape and berry.
Colombian blong can cost a bomb,
But this shit is very good.
Really smells, much texture, much fine.
Well why didn't you say so!
Sacred tobacco is for pipe ceremony.
Peace pipe shown, pipe been cleaned.
The bong is now on, go.
Inhale in real deep hold...hold,
Let the smoke come all out,
Look like a fire smoke dragon.
Blow all your candles out too.
Make a wish hope it's good,
Make a wish, it came true.
Wishes come true sometimes they say.
Give you a wet licker Happy Birthday.
Breaking out the MUSICAL party chairs.
Hey everybody the party is ON!
Party like a rock star homes.
Bring your own bottle of spirits,
A present or two, Happy birthday,
And a bundle of festive balloons.
You gotta fight!! For your Right! 
Blown minds really sing songs,
After party at my house ya'll!
To the party we will arrive! 
What party favors will you bring?
Has anyone got a Lady Godiva?
Smoky, smoky, heavy, tokey, party favors!
Smoky, smoky, heavy, tokey, tokey, tokey!
All kinds of delicious awesome flavors!
I will bring some of this,
Some of that and Godiva chocolate,
Is a must for chocolate lust!
Lust is felt within the core,
Makes my body grow seven score,
Like wolf-men you hear my howl,
Then I start upon the prowl!
Joining others on the prowl, howling
Loudly at the full moon brightly,
Howl songs of four legged men,
Wolves of the Night We Are.
See the greatness in all around,
Many mighty voices standing in time.
Freedom is what we long for,
Family is protected with all cost,
I love all my misfit friends!
Rouse the wicked heathens from bed.
Not wicked, very powerful these misfits!
From last night's madness Twilight Zone,
With strippers and blonde midget fairies,
Playing with black and sorry witches.
Double your bubbles, brings about trouble,
Witches are in stitches, wickedly cackling.
A pinch of this froggy bat,
Casting spells and drinking fresh blood,
With blood curling wickedness spilling thoughts,
There's a DEVIL ABOUT! Looking OUT!
Devils beware! Misfits are here today!
Tommy Riddles Samson preacher's a comin'!
Magick spells you know of this?
For sure, fore sure, four sure,
Witches and I go way back!
For so many frighteningly chilling years,
I practice Wiccan religion, so there.
Bought myself a whistle and flute,
I've been watching extreme horror movies,
I will rage against the machine.
What witchery do we have HERE? 
A black cat and flying bat,
Casting spells and cooking up potions,
Full moon calling at midnight light,
North and East, West and South,
Circle of protection I cast out!
A call is sent out tonight,
SendIng SOS Clan of the Wolf!
Flames of Fire Dragon for protection.
Magick Wand will conduct this ritual,
Calling forth all the Watch Towers.
Magick mirror, I gaze into it,
Pendulum tell me yes or no,
Stones and crystals around my home,
Guardians and guides, all animal helpers.
Magick Spells are always done good,
Magick Spells are always done right,
Power of Magick Protect Us Always,
Power of Magick Shield Us Always.
Powerful, precise, I'm prepared and prompt,
In the hay we wildly romped,
Her father came out angrily calling,
"Stop this Heathens, it is appalling!"
Shotgun aiming pulling up pants running,
No underwear, I left them gladly.
Heathens and Misfits, Crazy Horny Dogs,
Humping and Rumping in the hay.
Don't you know that is how,
Babies are made 1,2,3,
How many times will you last?
Magickal Wolves got lots of stamina,
Can howl and hump, rough and tough.
That's great news, we are building
A new group of Misfits pack.
New blood running deeply, happy thoughts.
My good friends really, too me
Friends are a symbol of greatness.
Even the ones that create mess!
Agreed done, so really well said,
Agreement is the key to peace.
We'll join our brothers, then increase.
The Boos will join our fight,
They all know what is right!
A warrior doesn't raise his fist,
Uses his brain as to resist!
Cut the hand spill the blood!
Spilling the krew on the floor.
Bloody angry footprints tracing the way,
Drop here a drip over there,
Drinking krew not witches brew.
You are beautiful you are divine!
Angels of Love Help Us always,
As we hold hands and journey,
Protect us through this dense fog.
Hold my hand, I will help,
Hold anothers hand, more the merrier.
We dream of peace on Earth.
Wonder why my halo is broken.
Why do I stand in the air?
Where do we fly to next?
In and out, thru space portals,
Swinging so high, touch the sky,
Riding high on happiness and clouds.
Who's gonna take the ride with
You in your hot air balloon?
Sailing across the amazing, sunny skies!
I like dancing on falling moons.
Star glazing, lip balm reapplying neatly,
Playing with stars, burning the fingers,
Stinging and zinging my bloody fingers.
Blood tastes like cool aid, yummy!
Lick, lick, slurp, gulp, swallow, sigh.
Now I can fly through jello!
Does flying jello need be blue?
Blue, read, yellow, only for fellows.
Color me this and rainbow blue,
Rainbows fill me with happy juice.
Sounds like YOU are slap happy!
Sleep is needed to be happy.
Enlightenment happens now 3... 2... 1...
Rain falls, sun shines, rain bows,
Rainy day wind blows leaves falling,
All around and to all ground.
Driving to the beach and chill,
Suntan skin, margarita in both hands.
Watching rainbows all around the sky,
Flashing lights off many lighting bolts,
Aurora Borealis cutting skies at night,
Paddles cut the cool crisp water,
Screeches of old owls into winds,
Like magick casting many, many spells.
The power that really all makes,
A real good time in place.
Meadows green, flowers red , turn wheel,
Too make all things spin instead.
Round and over so may be,
All is clean, can you see?
Clearing all the muck and goo.
You just won a million dollars!
My kingdom for a custard pie!
Black birds are mocking the pie!
Erupting the misgivings of fancy living.
Merry go rounds are not merry.
Mama never loved daddy, never cared.
Your mama has warned you not,
You're papa ain't nothing, going broke.
Great my girlfriend's clothes from London,
Just arrived for me to pay,
Whipping out Louis Vuitton leather wallet,
MAXING out another credit card line,
Whipping out another, hold on ladies,
Get in line with your own sugar daddy!
I finally run out of money,
I lost all my money partying,
So much drunken fun and games.
The poor man gave me money!
Finding out life ain't no joke
It is what it is right?
Love me or hate me agree?
Rubbish love, better than brilliant hate.
Make love and war...... lovely war.
Love everyone except the silly arses.
Love for one, Love for all,
All is love, all is light,
Love and light have no boundaries,
Lights shine brightly radiating within you,
Cosmic starseeds shining our inner lights,
Spread your love, shine your light,
Love to all I give freely.
Need some wine need some cheese,
I got high hopes aim and please.
Need your loving arms around me,
Don't want fur or fine luxuries,
All my dreams are coming true.
Next to you I'm most happy,
Bringer of joy bringer of laughter.
Lay down next to me baby,
Cuddle close, Kiss and caress me.
Love dovey, I know I am.
Do complete me, sexy sexy sexy.
Sexy is an adorable word spoken,
where love and lust is awoken.
But careful man, lower your tone,
This pretty woman is not alone.
There's provocation for her man's rage,
Like taunted animal in a cage.
So loving man please be aware,
Walk away to show you care!
Jack is coming I sense him.
All the ladies are in line.
He is the pimp daddy here.
Pulling out the wad of dough,
All the ladies say lets go.
Jack was on a business trip,
A world traveler, yes he is,
To here and there, always go,
Only resting one day a week,
Wheres he get all the energy,
Our Jack is back from 1806.
Noticing Johnny pinching my lady's ass,
A quick grope from behind her!
Vagina boob, pussay teets, muff man!
Just a manly man's afternoon snack.
Lemme cuddle you and sniff you!
Tickling arse and rolling in crap.
Roll around slow, come to quick.
I stepped in a pile of,
Shit f*ck lol ha balls f*ckin',
Shit on toast eat it fast!
Shit is frown but upside down.
To the crunch grab your bunch.
Lol not f*ckin' your bunch f*ck!
Up all night smoking and toking,
Burning and yearning til' twilight hours,
My eyes are crossed and bloody.
My blood is a tribal mix,
Proving I am a great hunter.
I went stalking the elk peoples,
Until my elk relatives pity me.
Off times long past on by,
Off old ways lost in time,
High in the clouds I go.
Who can play the shamans drum,
Play the beat with your heart,
To see the morning light sunglasses,
I put on with a thrust.
My dick is hard, tablet given,
Viagra think is what its called,
Too see if its all true,
Off what they told me too,
Wow don't understand how this be,
That tablet like this makes big.
Now your pipe is up high,
A tropical hurricane shows my desire.
Slippery is the hot shiny pole,
Tearing up that luscious hot body,
Until is stops with bloody rust,
Hope you got time to bust,
Over and over you will need.
Need help you let me know,
I took one too, oh f*ck,
Now what the f*ck I do?
Take a break to shimmy shake,
Dancing around, got rock music playing,
Shake that sexy thang Christy beb!
Jumping in and hopping all about.
Streak in the streets of mayhem.
Ric is a tease who pleases.
Ric dances the night away laughing.
The misfits dance craziest enough said!
Zoos full of monkeys, nothing more.
I like funky monkey petting zoo's.
Picnic in the park having fun.
Spread your peanut butter and jelly.
Eat a sandwich, drinking cooled milk.
Got milking stool, but no cow.
Do you like a tender loin?
Potato with sour cream and cheese?
Skip it all eat the sugar,
Sugar, sugar, oh, honey, honey, honey,
Sugar taste so sweet and yummy,
Strawberry cheesecake with drizzled white chocolate.
Pour the mimosa, not the wine.
Drinking a mimosa, eating Lucky Charms.
Beautiful morning. Top of the afternoon.
I like a Sunday morning brunch.
The bacon is sizzling very nicely,
Fried eggs in the pan lightly,
Bangers and sauerkraut, fish and chips,
Buttery toast and strawberry loving jam.
I just picked these fresh flowers,
To give to my lovely lady,
Going to start the day HAPPY,
Is that the sound of MUSIC?
The music of our heart vibrates,
Beautiful and brilliant, loving, sexy vibrations!
Flooding the airways with SEXY love!
Spilling in the air so sweetly.
Grabbing my girl for a dance,
Disco Dancin', swayin' left and right,
Shaky, shake, shake, and double twist,
Boom, shake, shake, shake the room,
A turn to the left spinning,
Then to the right, twisting shifty.
Candyman song is for you guys!
Blue Jean baby queen rock on,
Billie Jean dancing queen Michael Jackson.
Pole dancing, swaying to the music,
Music is quintessential for erotic dance.
Breaking out in Hammer TIME DANCE! 
You can't touch this! Laughingly dancing,
Tripping over a cracked floor board,
I fall down like a clown,
Rolling and giggling all around sweetly,
Giggle, giggle, I like to wiggle,
Jiggle, jiggle, your body does wiggle.
Swaying and playing sexy games, persuading.
Love is in the air tonight.
Roller Skating, holding hands so tight.
Pushing me on the tree swing.
Ride my bicycle to my boyfriends.
Sexy, sweet loving, hugging, touching, kissing.
Kissee, Kissee in the back seat,
Drive in movie playing some movie.
I'm over there and wearing underpants,
I like wearing Luminous green underwear!
Glowing underwear can be quite convenient,
Especially it when you are drunk!
Most of my tops are hooded,
Trainers or shoes, running or walking,
Can't get horse shoes to fit me ,
My flip flops just flop flop,
I've thirty socks, only two match,
My feet always follow my head.
I'm writhing this with my foot,
I'm writhing this with one hand ,
Can't say what I'm using now ,
But my hands are all free.
Make that a man size one,
My bad, I didn't see 'it',
A constant sentence in my life!
Good to know so we grow,
Doctor a day keeps apples away,
Apple on head makes William tell,
Shakespeare really makes my spear shake,
Walked up the apples and pears.
Going to put nappy on dog,
Puggy puggy puggy Love and Light,
Puggy puggy sleeping on a rug,
Rubbing my puggy's little fat tummy.
Pickle rolled away chased by kitty,
Tickle tickle find that little pickle,
Hiding shyly inside that bloody nickel,
A shiny nickel for a pickle,
Your pickle worth more than nickel,
Make you holler for a dollar,
Munching on that pickle, wishing for
Another nickel, sweet and sour
By the hour, pickles are yummy,
I like pickles juicy and salty,
Making a mess of my clothes,
Dripping pickle juice on my toes,
Kitty licks it up so good,
A salty treat tastes so nice,
Now I gave a kitty's licking,
Such a pretty kitty sweetly purring,
Purrring, licking, loving, soft and warm,
Furry little kitty easy to please,
Tickled her nose, made her sneeze.
Kitten sneezing, an achoo (or two),
Nose tingles, nose twitches, so adorable,
I sneeze, pass the tissue please,
Penguin runs to wipe your nose,
Trips over his own webbed toes,
Falls flat on his beaked nose.
Sex, sex, sex what is next!?
Some need an sos pad badly.
Filthy little minds call a preacher!
Hope so very f*cking very soon.
Try and help were all concerned,
Too help build this place up,
The way its supposed to be.
Happy, fun and relaxing saying anything,
Without being bullied or hated on,
Too stop all hurting ever again,
Lets all bring love back again,
In too this wonder full place.
Cunningly funny, randomly random, insanely brainless,
Mind fried dirty pliable silly putty,
Brains slip on a banana peel,
Splattered into noodles and gobbled up,
It tasted like eggs and candy,
So tasty like fried banana chips!
Misfits are getting eaten daily..YIKES! 
Another one bites the dust!
Mind control over matter doesn't mattered! 
1, 2, 3, hide and seek,
4, 5, 6, who's missing next? 
7, 8, 9, I'm feeling fine,
10, it's going all to Hell!
Please let my crew mates return,
Where have all the Misfits gone!?
Sleeping Misfits makes for poor nonsense.
Sleep in nude or with clothes?
Touch it every night or no?
Is your balls made of pussy?
Do you beat your meat hard?
Long and hard, short and sweet?
Questions are never answered of course!
Do you want to play today?
I brought my skate board yo.
We should play hide n seek.
Let's go swimming at Ric's pool,
Jumping, swimming in the refreshing pool!
Happy people splashing water all around.
Margaritas on the patio yummy, yummy.
Sun tan, pretty suits, sexy bodies.
Katy Perry playing on the radio.
I'm Slipping on some cherry coke!
Playing with a Pringle's can strumming,
Kicking the can down the road.
That old crumbling moldy dark house,
Emptiness.. There's really nothing in it,
Inside was by far most terrifying ,
Tiny small window letting nothing in,
Spider's web stretching across the hallway,
Craving pumpkins luminescent against the night.
Trick or treating, grabbing the candy,
I'm Halloweening old school hauntingly calling.
There goes a ghost to spook,
He just rolled over playing dead,
Halloween ghost clowning scaring little girls,
Boo booing, scaring, screaming, running, falling,
Pulling little girls pigtails and running,
Before there mommies can catch you,
And make them nutcracker you back,
Screaming like a little chubby girl.
She is pissed off with you,
Well I'm sure she'll forgive me,
Time heals everything, except for deadlines,
Dead lines better than live lines.
Go with the flow not against,
You gotta let go and relax,
Try and hang experience the Bang,
No judging here we are Free.
Hippy chicks live a relaxed life,
Happy hippy small d*ck big snippy.
Mass is a matter of fact.
Code is an expression of speech.
Pig English is very crazy making ,
All that oinking getting pretty loud.
Mindless programming coming in three years,
Four yrs if we f*ckin' lucky!
Implants rebooting self control never happened,
Must obey, must report, must listen,
My compete MADNESS is setting in,
Rubber room me all tied Up,
There is an echo in here,
Whispers of the knife echoes nostalgia,
With my knife I took his life,
Roses are dead violets are glue, 
I've got that wrong boo hoo,
The patter of rain dulls spirits.
He does stew over midnight Blues.
Misunderstood Possibly. Fast learners? Most Definitely.
Let's have another go at this.
Back to being super duper FUNNY!
A man walked into a room,
And goes up to the bartender ,
Bar says I'm holdin' yous up,
Bartender says youa gonna shoota me!
Have a drink at the bar,
Make mine a double Jack Daniels. 
Watching women making eye contact seductively,
She's staring at my big ear ,
Checking out your big diamond stud.
A brightly sun supernova can flair,
The luminosity of her golden hair,
Says to me that in hindsight,
For my heart she would fight!
HER love is real, kisses she
Brings, sends my heart into a
Pitter patter, serving love on a platter.
Pink punk pleases proper piano player,
A bottle of red, a bottle
Of rum, play on piano man.
You have been a wonderful audience,
I'm available for weddings, funerals, BarMitzvahs,
Hope this helps you all today,
I'm here all week, good night,
Time is an illusion you understand.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Menacing Fae

Faeries can be such a blessing,
Happy, friendly, sometimes helping,
When crossed, they can be menacing,
So annoying, so annoying.

Meadow walks, watch where your stepping,
Faerie rings beauty is tempting,
'Til you realize there's no leaving,
Death by dancing, death by dancing.

In the forest, lost, wandering,
Getting tired, eye lids heavying,
Faerie hill bad place for napping,
Lifetime sleeping, lifetime sleeping.
If a faerie bush your picking,
If a faerie tree your chopping,
Your death to you they'll be giving,
Interfering, interfering.

Good or bad, don't be ignoring,
Capable of both bestowing,
In our lives, greatly effecting,
Our well-being, our well-being.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

At Peace

Swaying with the breeze,
Becoming one with the trees,
Communing with ease,
In Mother Nature immersed,
At peace with the Universe.

ADULT CONTENT : Getting Reacquainted With Myself

Home alone, house all too myself,
A strange thing, in and of itself,
Lay my head upon window shelf,
I touch myself, I touch myself.

Take some time to rediscover,
The places saved for a lover,
On breasts and nipples I hover,
Makes me shudder, makes me shudder.

Fingers venturing to my mound,
Silky, moist invitation found,
Pleasure puddles build on the ground,
I'm rolling 'round, I'm rolling 'round.

So long since I've had this feeling,
Near finishing, moaning, groaning,
Vagina spasming, quaking,
Yoni gushing, yoni gushing.
 (Mag 237)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blitzkrieg (Lightening War)

They came so fast, we had no time to hide,
It was like some ridiculous nightmare,
Surrounded by tanks, their planes in the air,
Chaos and confusion, running inside,
Seeking shelter from the bombing flood tide,
An attack such as this had been seen ne'er,
Explosions and destruction everywhere,
So many innocent souls that day died.

Building around me came down on my head,
I was completely consumed by darkness,
When consciousness returned, heard baby cries,
Dug myself free of the land of the dead,
Using the babies pleas as my guidance,
Praying to find hope somewhere in those eyes.